Yes, clearly I am a child. (As if there was any doubt after my utterly adorable Mermaids Retreat decor for the campers bath!) I bought a License Plate game for our trips. No more just writing down the states, now we have a tin map with magnetic tiles for each state! ☺️ Cannot wait for our next roadtrip!!!

Life. I hate whining but it gets so hard taking care of family on the other side of the country. It’s been a journey. We spent six months on three separate trips taking care of Tom & Merry (2015) Then we spent six months straight there clearing out their house and getting it sold. Then covid hit and took Tom March 2020 & Merry was hospitalized with covid for over two months. Most recently Merry has a new challenge with her kidney cancer apparently returning a third time & spreading. We’ll know more mid-April.

zoom of Merry seeing Olivia Rose!

Our current challenge is Til needing memory care. We’ve been working since January to get her accepted, but places that accept medicaid have long wait lists and don’t return calls. We finally have her on wait lists for a couple places and in a third there’s a possibility of a private room. Memory care has become more of a necessity since she is saying she wants to go home… We are terrified she will walk out of her assisted living facility & get lost. She thinks her childhood home in Michigan is just down the street.

Til & her friend Anna!

However Chris took me to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens today, perked me up tremendously! Glorious sunny spring day in the 50’s. Early spring flowers blooming in the beds, roses leafing out, and the orchids- totally delightful!

Then the kids texted us photos of Josh & Jack with little sweet pea Olivia Rose! What a fabulous end to the weekend!

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