Mermaid Dreams!

The Mermaids Retreat is finally almost complete! The new towels are every bit as whimsical as I hoped! I am totally delighted with our truck campers wet bath undersea decor!

All it needs now is for this photo to arrive, get laminated & affixed to the wall. Then the bath will be sheer perfection!

Getting everything ready for Christophers birthday trip to sunny Florida! We’re trying out a couple different parks on the way south AND going to Floridas west coast for the first time ever! We’ll be driveway camping at his cousins (Debbie & Paul) rental in Crystal River for four nights, then popping over to see Charlie & Pam before heading home.

Olivia Rose is up to 4 pounds 9 ounces now! Hopefully by the time we get home from Florida the wee one will be sprung from UVAs NICU!

Our little boy is nervously watching me get the camper ready. Somehow he seems worried that we’ll leave him behind… As IF *that* would ever happen!

One comment

  1. Olivia Rose is beautiful & so tiny. I love her name.

    Rex is adorable.

    I really like your new undersea decor in your camper bathroom.

    Love you my dear friend

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