Sweetness Overload!

Wednesday January 25th at 11:15pm our adorable little great granddaughter, Olivia Rose, was born! Her momma, Juliette, had been hospitalized for weeks with pre-eclampsia and eleven hours after inducing labor an emergency c-section was required. Olivia Rose was born at 34 weeks, arriving at 4 pounds 2.7 ounces. Little fighter that she is, she quickly graduated from a premie box to a bassinet in the NICU!

On Friday her great great grandma saw her over a zoom call! Merry was absolutely delighted!

Saturday Juliette was finally discharged from the hospital. A bittersweet development because as much as Juju wanted to be out of the hospital, her daughter will still need to remain in NICU for a week or two more.

We look forward to meeting this little princess in person once she is out of the ICU. But seriously – sweetness overload!

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