We Need a Little Christmas

Mumsy’s Special Tree!

Right this very minute! Sometimes you just have to go for it, regardless of the month. There’s been so much stress between the behaviour of Chris’s brother & niece and now worrying about whether we can get Til qualified for Medicaid. Her facility figured out we were trying for Medicaid when we had them start taking partial payments from her Income Cap Trust fund a month ago – so they downgraded her care plan. Saying she doesn’t need toileting or bathing assistance, saying she independently handles her mail? Argh… Fortunately Clark and we were able to get her care plan fixed to reflect reality yesterday! Fingers crossed. But at any rate, I need a little Christmas today!

Mrs Mawyers Santas

Mrs Violet Mawyer, a friend of ours who ran The Little Market in Batesville for half a century, created over 300 hundred unique Santas. Historical Santas. Santas from many countries. Occupational Santas. Whimsical Santas. For Cousin Larry she even created a NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Santa! She gifted us Santas in thanks for years of helping her carefully install lights on the shelves, unpack & place the hundreds of Santas each year, then gently packing them away after the first of the year. The Smithsonian American History Museum wanted to display the Santas as an exquisite example of folk art but Mrs Mawyer thought they belonged here in Batesville.

A Snippet of Mrs Mawyers Display

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