Clan O’Brien

On the road to Michigan for the gathering of Clan O’Brien! We added a new lighthouse and a new state to our collections!

T Rex Richard (Simmons, he’s happy to help you lose weight – one toothy mouthful at a time!) sightseeing as we cross Lake Huron! Teeny tiny T Rex-adoodle was “scent-seeing” at the same time – so many new smells crossing the water!

The intrepid campers gathered around the campfire at our site after delivering the taco feast to the house people. The city of Gladstone had ever so kindly postponed their 4th of July firework display until our arrival so – BONUS!!!

The next morning was a magical mystery tour of Clan O’Brien history! Magical in that we somehow happened upon former cabins and houses whose new owners were delighted to show us around!

Wally, Debbie, Brenda & Greg
Greg & Nancy
Rob & Beth Anne
Chris & Beth Anne

July 11, 2022 we went to Indian Lake to reunite Aunt Joyce and Uncle Walt.

Of course, with Clan O’Brien any photo shoot requires it’s mirror image… ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I think Aunt Joyce made extracting her ashes from the urn a challenge because wanted to see her children working together!

The next stop was a wonderful spring that flows 10,000 gallons a minute! Part of the gang took the little ferry ride, while we remained ashore.

The Ferry Crew!

The next day Rob, Beth Anne, Beans, Nancy, Chris & I went to Escanaba to see lighthouses and then met up with the rest of the gang to tour Escanaba!

Escanaba Light

A truly wonderful day included a three hour boat ride to see Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore! We sat upstairs in the open air section, just fabulous! (Tho we did remain masked nonetheless)

We even scored a lighthouse! The Grand Island East Channel lighthouse!

Back at the camp we enjoyed a final night around the campfire with beers & that Upper Peninsula tradition- pasties with gravy!

Oh, but I’ve left out the best of Beth Anne ! Thanks to her we had ice cream “appetizers” every day!!!

Thank you BA!

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