Freshening Up!

I felt the need to update the homestead, things were looking a bit “tired” as it were. First up I painted the kitchen cabinets high gloss black and ordered new throw rugs! Quite sharp looking now, right?

Next up was the guest bathroom, the 20 year old washed out cream and gold shower curtain had to go. Additionally I switched out the art for some crewel work done by my maternal grandmother, Ruth. The colors all work well together! Much warmer.

Floof likes the cool tile on hot days!

We also gave the champagne of dogs his first home haircut… He wouldn’t let us scissor his face, but he’s still a cute floof!

Did I mention that he’s over 22 pounds now? Ha! Still thinks he’s a lap dog too!

The meadow, after years of seeding is finally giving a respectable display of wildflowers! We had fleabane & ox eye daisies, now it’s lance leaf coreopsis, milkweed, blackeyed susans and yarrow! And a single day lily too! Hopefully it will spread.

Great Spangled Fritillary on milkweed

I’ve reseeded the meadow again and will be tossing some of the lunaria seeds from the front walk in as well! The Secret Garden redesign is coming along nicely, tho we have to reinforce the deer fence as a hungry doe hops in daily for snacks…

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