We arrived at Tolt MacDonald park in Redmond late Thursday afternoon to find the paved part of our site was flooded(!) Apparently the site was also too wet to mow, as our grass was way longer than the rest of the campground too. The cold wet weather we’ve experienced throughout this trip continues to haunt us but at least we’re cozy & warm in the camper!

We popped over to visit Merry then it was time for nice hot showers & relaxing in the camper!

Friday morning Rex, the Wee Doglette, came to visit Merry! We brought her a caramel frappacino from Starbucks as well. She assured us there was no way she could possibly drink the whole thing but somehow she did!

We brought in a present from Merrys dear friend Marge Franke. She sent Merry a wonderful painting she did of Til & Merry! To say Merry was delighted would be a gross understatement. Truly a lovely image!

On Saturday we left puppy home & brought over teriyaki for lunch. Merry then serenaded us on the harmonica we had sent her a month ago!

For Mother’s Day we brought a feast of Qdoba mexican food! Plus a massive mocha cupcake topped with a chocolate covered strawberry! And a Mothers Day balloon!

Merry devoured the cupcake declaring it The Best Cake Ever!

We had a brief sucker hole when we returned to camp so we took a nice long walk with the pupster! We reorganized the back seat of the truck, loaded the camper & kicked back to enjoy our last cold rainy night in Seattle!

Sucker Hole at Tolt MacDonald

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