All Seasons in 6 Days!

Heading west to see Merry & Til! This is the wee doglettes first major road trip and the first day he took to it like a duck to water!

Tonight Chris & I are celebrating our 28th anniversary with Jolly Dragon smoked hot pepper meade! Yum!

Life Is Good! Day 2 was lovely and uneventful- always good on a long road trip!

Day 3 brought some “excitement”… You know that sinking feeling you get when you are driving west across Nebraska on I80 and a large flashing sign announces out of the blue that I80 west is closed to Wyoming…? Yikes! A late winter storm brought snow & sleet? Fortunately our camp site for the night was 40 miles before the closure. Snowing & 34 as we set up camp. Hoping Nebraska gets I80 cleaned up as we sleep!

Day 4 we awoke to thick gray fog blanketing the still snow covered plains. Visibility was practically nil for the first four hours. It finally cleared up halfway across Wyoming where sage covered high plains stretched as far as the eye could see! Antelopes were grazing here & yon in the distance! Then, once more the snows hit, glazing the sage brush white. We pulled into camp totally exhausted. Fairy snowballs falling silently welcomed us.

morning at the campsite

Day five started off fabulously with news that the Capitals WON the first game of their first Stanley Cup series! Awesomeness!!! And snow!

Snow covered mountains in the distance as we crossed into Oregon, stopping for the final night before Redmond at our favorite Harvest Host – Copper Belt Winery!

It’s our fifth stay at Copper Belt, and the first time we’ve had other RVs camping with us. Travis was off in the Snake wilderness hunting bear but his folks were excellent hosts! The new Elevation (2021) is every bit as wonderful as the original was and the Keating Reserve is exquisite!

Cinco de Mayo! We Celebrated with Smokies BBQ in Cle Elum on our way to Tolt MacDonald park in Redmond.


Finally day six & we arrived at Tolt MacDonald campground & set up camp then went to visit Merry! Trip to the west coast accomplished!

Tomorrow Merry gets to meet Rex-a-doodle, the Wee Doglette!

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