It is to laugh

if only not to cry… Friday the 13th. Reinstatement Day. You literally cannot make this stuff up. The Q cult believe The Donald will magically return to the PresiDuncy today. When will the insanity end?

It is stunning to me how many super selfish people there are. Unwilling to get vaccinated YET unwilling to wear a facemask to help protect those who cannot yet get a vaccine. I am so tired of these antisocial imbeciles. Rates of infection with the new Delta variant aree through the roof. Over 620 thousand Americans have died of Covid19 so far, and the fourth wave is nowhere near peaking yet. Heaven help us this fall and winter. Will a vaccine resistant variant emerge…
However, in the very wise words of Sam From The Lord Of The Rings:

There is indeed some good in this world, just have to remember to unplug and find it… In laughter with hubby, in snuggles with Jack, in the peaceful beauty of nature and life out in the countryside.

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