Homely Bits

Mumsy’s gardenia is blooming, smells absolutely heavenly! So gorgeous! It hasn’t bloomed the past couple years, it started for Cousin Larry while we were in Oregon. I was afraid it would be finished before we got home but fortunately it saved the last two blooms for me!

I’ve been busy since we arrived home getting the camper cleaned, laundry done, and trying to get the house in order. Plus trying to keep the gardens from frying – this heat wave combined with drought has already convinced some trees to start dropping leaves. We were completely dumbfounded not to see the mountains in the distance when we resumed our morning walks. Apparently smoke from the massive wildfires in the west has drifted east and the haze completely obscured our views of the mountains for the past couple days (!)

Spotted this beautiful red spotted purple butterfly just emerging from its cocoon beside our driveway. Watched as it “pumped” its wings up. Nature is amazing!

Since Covid-19 closed the gift shops I had to order stickers for the camper of our Oregon coast and Crater Lake National Park visits. I have already added Nevada to our map of the places we’ve camped in the USA! When we do our lighthouse trip (hopefully) this fall we’ll add Wisconsin and Michigan.

Everything depends on the Delta varient of Covid-19 though. Right now cases are spiralling upward again, ICU’s are filling up with unvaxxed people, mostly, but this can change if the antivax/antimask covidiots keep the spread high. Because that might spawn a variant that can defeat the vaccines.

It was wonderful to spend nearly three weeks travelling in our camper but it’s nice to be home again.


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