Pandemic Path…

The pandemic has introduced me to Libby. An app that lets me borrow eBooks from the local library. Just finished reading “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller. I wanted to read it because her “Circes” was so compelling, a thoroughly captivating read! Achilles started out the same, but overall, while unexpected and enjoyable, it wasn’t quite the same league as Circes.

Bought (online) this one, so I can meander through it at leisure and place notes in the edges. My favorite verse from it so far is here:

I find I am more drawn to books that challenge me to connect with myself and seek my connection to the wheel of life. It started really back at the in-laws home, reading Rumi from Tom’s shelves.

The pandemic isolation has made my world smaller and slowed time, this in turn has brought details into meticulous focus. I am more aware, alert, conscientous of my encounters. Noticing things my previous self would be far to rushed to see. It has been a “gift” in that way, though it came at a very dear price.

I wonder what “normal” will look like, once we have been vaccinated?

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