Five Fat Frogs

Are croaking happily in the little pond outside our bedroom! It’s a lovely sunny day in the 70’s, with cornflower blue skies & gentle breezes. Crocus are in bloom and daffodils buds are swelling!

I cannot believe I lived almost 64 years before learning that a “murmuration” is a thing!

Absolutely fascinating! Thousands of starlings flew in the formation of a giant bird! Nature is amazing.

We’re regular walking fools again. Four miles Monday, five miles Tuesday and over six miles Wednesday! Fitbit claims we climbed 246 flights of stairs in those three days – yes, clearly, we live in the mountains.

Started planning our post-vaccine trip out west today!

We’ll load up the truck camper for the journey, grab the dawg and spend 5 days crossing America. In Redmond, Washington we’ll spend 3 or 4 days visiting Merry. Then we’re southbound on the scenic Oregon coast highway 101!

We are thinking of meandering east to visit Crater Lake National Park! Then curving northeast to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge! We’ll add a National Park, a couple National Wildlife Refuges, and a half dozen lighthouses to our collection! Now if only we could get scheduled for our Fauci Ouchies! Dolly Parton got hers!

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