More Covid Cooking!

Homemade chicken veggie rice stew and a loaf of oatmeal bread!

Perfect for a snowy day! The view out our front door this morning.

Earlier in the week I made slowcooked Peruvian Chili Lime boston butt with rice & red beans!

We’ve gotten back into the habit of 4 mile walks in the morning! Well, except for snow days! 😊 Here’s a snap from Mondays stroll, yes, clearly we live in the country!

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world. In America alone almost 4,000 people are dying of Covid every single day. Still fools refuse to wear masks.

These next two data points are a moment in time in America.

Almost every country in the world is reeling from this.

As for the quivering cowards in the Qanon Trumpublican party, they are clearly too terrified of their conspiracy theory addled followers to actually find their golden idol guilty of his clear incitement of insurrection.

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