Good Riddance 2020

2020 – the year of social distancing, mask wearing, virtual life and zoom or facetime replacing in person meetings. The year where we all isolated in our little pods. The year when Chris & I felt truly lucky to live on five acres in the country! I cannot imagine trying to survive the pandemic in an apartment.

Why good riddance, you ask? The horrific mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic by the Trump administration for starters. Politicizing common sense measures like masks.

I will not be sorry to see 2020 end, here’s hoping that we make it til Joe Bidens inauguration with no new catastrophies. Fingers crossed, but I don’t think we’ll feel truly safe til Jan 21, 2021. Here’s hoping there can be investigations & true accountability for the disastrous criminal mismanagement of the pandemic & the disgraceful “stop the steal” effort to overturn the election.

Chris & I have been walking Ennis Mountain road every day! Even as temps dipped to 24 degrees. Clearly I dress for warmth not style!

The parka belonged to Merry, who wore it in 1982 while hiking in Alaska. Me doing my best imitation of SpongeBob Squarepants!

So Welcome 2021, hopefully we can all get vaccinated by the summer and return to normal this fall!

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