Lil Loser Donnie Loses Again

Trump and his Republican enablers have refused to concede the election, casting doubt on the legitamacy of the 2020 election. MoscowMitch finally called Biden the President Elect a day after the electoral votes were certified. He congratulated Biden/Harris on their victory only after Russia’s President Putin did!

Trump has raised a fortune since the election for his “election lawsuits”, which have all amounted to nothing. He has been laughed out of court 61 times now. Absolutely zero evidence presented to support his baseless claims of fraud, but because the Republicans have been cowardly fools, we are at a dangerous inflection point.

Sadly his followers still believe Covid-19 is a hoax, no more dangerous than the flu. Even arguing as doctors have to intubate them. 303,000 dead. 3,000 more die every day. Yet they refuse to wear a mask.

On the brighter side, Covid cooking continues, this time chorizo red beans & rice!

Was absolutely delicious!

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