Dec 9 Covid 19 deaths surpass 9/11 dead – 3,124

It’s hard to fathom losing over 2,000 people a day every day in December. The number is ever upward climbing. Yesterday we overtook the number killed on 9/11. And the post Thanksgiving surge is just beginning.

Stunning, really, the total abdication of duty the federal government has shown. By constantly cheerleading, lying, calling Covid 19 a hoax, and worst of all – making wearing a mask political – Trump has caused the needless death of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

America has 4% of the worlds population and yet we have had 20% of the worldwide Covid deaths. Trump has certainly put America first in that tragic category.

This month so far one American has died of Covid 19 every 38 seconds. This surgical mask angel seems apropos for 2020.

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