The Meadow is Ours Again!

We were absolutely gutted when CVEC added a new distribution line right beside our driveway down to the lower meadow. Plowing down our Peace Path maze in the process.

Hideous, our front yard and meadow were destroyed. We called the power company to ask if they couldn’t move the distribution line to the opposite side of our field so the towering trees in our mature forest would not be at risk. Didn’t hear back, assumed we were out of luck & then the miracle happened! CVEC came and pulled out the pole in our lower meadow! They rerouted the lines to the previous distribution line!

See the little black line? Ha! That is what they pulled off our property!!!

So now we work to rebuild our beautiful meadow & Peace Path maze, in all its glorious diversity – bursting with life! Myriads of dragonflies, damselflies, jewel-toned leafhoppers, caterpillars, butterflies, moths and birds!

The evenings are turning crisper as fall approaches. Today we brought the ladies inside, their summer idyll on the deck over.

They’ve grown so huge that they barely fit on the table now!

This past week family members have joined in on our Zoom calls with Merry. She was thrilled to see BA & BrendaBear, and over the moon when her brother Ed connected!

The next call had Debbie join in!

Strange times we live in indeed.

But on a brighter note: We have found Blue Quartz Winery! A Harvest Host location in nearby Madison that only allows one RV to overnight at a time. Covid19 perfection! And they will let us overnight during the week – the winery itself is only open on the weekend so – Awesome!

Finally: Memes

Might work, worth a try…

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