2020: The Year Earth Said FU to Humans

The Earth has thrown literally everything but the kitchen sink at humans this year. Swarms of locusts decimated crops & blackened skies. Bubonic plague outbreaks. The global pandemic of Covid19.

Massive fires sweeping thru the western states turning daylight skies apopoclyptic orange.

These fires are creating their own weather patterns, including fire tornadoes. Temps are hot enough to melt aluminum! That’s 1,221F.

Massive flooding in the heartland. Crop failures from drought & super hot temps.

Now for September we have seven simultaneous disturbances between the African coast and the Gulf of Mexico – including three named storms!

Sally is in the Gulf, & looks to be at least a Cat2 when she slams into New Orleans.

Also there were 55 confirmed volcanic eruptions during 2020 from 55 different volcanoes; 11 of those were new eruptions that started during the year.

So it does sort of seem like the planet is trying to eliminate its worst parasite – us.

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