Easement Issues

Never buy a property that has easements on it. Never. You pay the taxes but can’t actually use the land. You may remember our walking the Peace Sign Maze in our lower meadow?

This is how it looked until a couple days ago. Now it looks like THIS:

CVEC added a totally new distribution line in our high power easement to replace the distribution line that is on the hillside (neighbors property). Because our open field is “easier”. Yes, we have contacted a lawyer. But it is probably futile. Our new scenic view from the parking pad of our driveway:

Additionally they mowed down my meadow – tallest plant there was 6′ – before the milkweed set seed & before the wingstem could bloom. It was our managed meadow, well over two acres. Full of life: wildflowers, birds, small critters and all manner of insects. It was a wonderful area of natural diversity! I finally had poppies this year, in addition to two types of milkweed, butterfly weed, black eyed susans, ox eye daisies, chickory, wingstem, venus looking glass, asters, sneezeweed, mountain mint, three types of thistle, wild blackberries. It was a glorious place to walk delighting in each new discovery. Now mowed flat, why? Nothing there could possibly impact the power lines.

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