Steamy Summer

Makes for happy orchids! These burst into bloom on the deck and have come inside to be enjoyed!

In other news: The global Covid19 pandemic is raging out of control in America. So much so that the European Union has banned travel from the United States. Almost 135,000 Americans have died of covid19 in three months. The Trump adminstration has completely blown the pandemic response. Initially downplaying it, then declaring it a hoax, and politicizing the wearing of masks.

Trump bloviates about not letting the cure be worse than the disease, baiting his supporters with texts to “FREE VIRGINIA”. Blasting Governors to re-open their states. And, color me shocked, in Florida, Texas, Arizona and other red states hospitals are overwhelmed and out of ICU beds. Doctors are being forced to decide who to try to save, who to let die.

The social justice movement, Black Lives Matters, is still going strong. People of all ages, colors & creeds marching together around the world – fighting to end institutionalised racism. So Trump responds by doubling down on supporting white supremacists as if he is running to be second President if the Confederacy? Ignoring the fact that the confederates were traitors who waged war against the United States.

He rails against NASCAR for banning the Confederate battle flag at their events. Declares he won’t sign bipartisan (!) defense bill because it calls for renaming military based that currently bear the name of Confederate soldiers.

and 2020 is only half over….

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