Naturalist Musings!

I started my Nature Diary to try to identify every type of flora & fauna on our five acres back in August 2008.

In this lovely journal I have now identified:

  • 61 Insects
  • 15 Reptiles & Amphibians
  • 9 Shrubs
  • 54 Wildflowers
  • 5 Mushrooms
  • 14 Mammals
  • 30 Trees
  • 35 Birds
  • Some pages are pretty fair, some sketches a bit pitiful but I have loved creating this journal, my nature diary.
  • Thanks to the pandemic I have been filling in additional details – such as which plants are larval food for caterpillars and the like! The journal entries are now 161 pages, plus the index at the end.

    1. What an awesome and inspirational project, Marianne.

      You loved creating the journal and I loved glimpsing into it. If a copy was available for sale, I would surely by it as a reminder about the power of science and scholars like you.

      Steve Cuspard


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