Covid Cooking

My ‘from-scratch’ sour dough starter is making life interesting! First it bubbles up to overflowing each day, leading me on the search for things to bake- which Chris loves!

First up a loaf of crusty sour dough bread.

Did I mention it turned into a MASSIVE loaf? A day later I had to use more starter, but clearly did not need more bread…. So I made sour dough pizza crust & crafted a fabulous supreme pizza!

Truly scrumptious!

This morning I sliced into the loaf & created heavenly french toast – fragrant with vanilla & cinnamon!

For lunch I made hot open faced sammies with chipotle sauce, jalapenos, ham, cheese & pepperoni! Sorry, they got scarfed down too quick for a photo.

Might go for another loaf, this time a sour dough quick bread. Also curious about a recipe I found at King Arthur Flour for baking large soft pretzels. I have kosher salt & everthing bagel seasoning so I could make a couple varieties!

But clearly this starter is raring to move on to the next project!

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