Victory Garden Dreams

Our Victory Garden is expanding! This privately fenced bed atop our old deck table is home to Bunch Porto Rico sweet potatoes! Their short compact vines are perfect for containers!

Beside it our little herb garden has cilantro, mint, and parsley!

The main deck container gardens are growing as well. Using my old portable greenhouse I was able to get the pots of lettuce, radishes, onions, carrots & green peppers up off the decking!

The cucumbers, zuchinni, potato, jalapeno & cherry tomato are nestled beside it. An old pallet was set on the lower deck, to hold a new huge planter of potatoes! Also on the pallet are Roma tomato and two pots for okra.

All safely tucked away behind a gate! On the side deck we have our potted orange & lemon trees! The orange is blooming now, and the lemon has over a dozen small fruits on it.

This is also the summer home of our aloe, dill, rosemary, orchids, begonias & houseplants.

Hopefully the deck pots will give us a glorious harvest without the ravages of bunnies, deer, and voles. Speaking of said scourges, we should start seeing seeds pop up in the big raised bed veggie garden in the next week. Fingers crossed that the wee beasties leave those seedlings alone.

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