Everglades National Park

Absolutely amazing day! Clear blue skies with puffy white clouds, mid 80’s! We headed up to Royal Palm area for a Ranger walk on the Anhinga Trail. We saw eleven gators! Some basking on the shore, some swimming. Big lizards!

We were lucky enough to spy an anhinga bird swimming underwater as it hunted! Watched it spear a little fish, then the birds head and neck emerged from the water to shake the fish off its beak, toss it up then catch it in the open beak, swallow it and slip underwater to hunt some more!

So many birds here – egrets, herons, ibis, eagles, anhingas, hawks,vultures… Masses of them! Speaking of vultures – we had to cover The Truuuck with tarps to prevent them from eating the windshield wipers and seals around the windows…

Another hike we took today…

We returned to our camper and tried out the new instant pot for a jalapeno steak dinner – awesome!

I put a new bumpersticker on The Truuuck to hide the RV dealers ad. Much better I think! Then we hopped in The Truuuck to chase sunset! Now I’m fixing pineapple/habanero pork chops for a quick lunch tomorrow! Life Is Good!

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