Werz Family Hollydays!

Chris, Jake & I left freezing temps behind to celebrate the holidays with my big brother Charlie in Florida! Sunday morning we took his grandson Tavish to have his photo taken with Santa – the very same Santa he has been pictured with for the last 8 years! Charlie pits up a wall of Tavish with Santa photos in his living room each year!

Then came the feast! Roasted turkey, creamed onions, green beans, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing & gravy! Food coma…! Monday to work off some calories we took The Truuuck and camper to Charlies office to scrub, wax & detail it! Wow!

Tuesday morning we rolled on down the road to Everglades National Park! We saw a pair of bald eagles, egrets, blue heron, gulls, some hawks, and other assorted feathered folk but when we arrived at Flamingo the Ranger suggested we walk over to the marina to see MANATEES!!! AND a crocodile!

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