The Long Hard Slog Continues…

Two weeks in and still so much to get packed and cleared out if Tom & Merry’s house. On the brighter side – we have secured a new apartment at the Chateau! A two bedroom unit on a quieter shady side of the building! This means we can now box tons of Merry’s stuff in clear bins, label it and put it on shelves in the second bedroom! This is a huge help as now we have permission to box up all rooms! We took Tom out for some fresh air & sunshine today while Merry headed out for a doctor appointment

Then Chris & I hit the Elysian tap room on Airport way for some much needed respite & relaxation!

Clearing my moms house was so much easier because we had my brother Charlie, son Josh and Cousin Larry all pitching in to help. But we will get it done, and the plastic bin idea means no sorting needed! So it is a ton faster!

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