Summer in Seattle

“The lives we touch are many,

The days we share are few.

As faces that we come to love

Fade in and out of view”

We’ve been in Renton for almost two weeks now & have accomplished much. We were able to send their massive old motorhome off on Monday which freed up its concrete parking pad for our truck camper! Yay! Now we can sleep in our own bed instead of on the floor in the house!

This Tuesday we took Tom & Merry to Jacks BBQ for some scrumptious brisket!

Then we took them to the Renton Farmers Market, Tom in his wheelchair & Merry with her walker. It was a gorgeous springlike day, clear and cool, we even got a good view of Rainier! Everyone had a great time & Tom was bright eyed and smiling!

One other HUGE benefit from the motorhome moving on – with the camper off the truck we have been able to take The Bike down to ride the Cedar Creek Trail every morning this week! Wild foxglove, daisies, blue eyed grass, wild roses and grapes, buttercup and coltsfoot are all in bloom between trail and river!


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