Spiffing Stuff Up!

Early summer I refreshed the kitchen by painting the cabinets high gloss black and adding whimsical throw rugs.

Today we upped the ante! The walls are now painted a soft moss gray-green! I’ve also massively decluttered the counters & shelves!

I really love the result! The soft moss paint carries across the great room and stairwell. Our gallery wall and other art work just shine now! The white trim also has a truly architectural “pop”! Absolutely thrilled with this, the color is super easy to live with! Calming and warms up the whole area.

I decided to tidy up the display of Chris’s grandads vintage Bolos as well. Before each was hung separately. I think the end result is much more appealing!

Not only the house got spiffed up either! The teeny tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex went for a spa day, who knew there were eyes hiding under those bangs & mustache! A very handsome pupster emerged!

October is here, so it’s time for plants to come back inside after their summer vacation on the deck. I’m leaving the orange, lemon and gardenia out for now.

Life Is Good!

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