Lewis & Clark

An unexpected sunny morning greeted us and we, intrepid explorers that we are, made the most of it! We drove north on the coastal highway to check out the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail!

Scenic Overlooks Never Disappoint!

We started with Fort Clatsop which is in a glorious rainforest glen lush with ferns!

Then it was over to Netul Landing where Rex enjoyed walkies along the river! Next up was the drive over to Cape Disappointment state park. Cape Disappointment was named on July 6, 1788, by British fur trader John Meares who was sailing south from Canada, in search of trade. He mistook the mouth of the Columbia river to be a bay, which the ship could not enter due to a shallow shoal. Just missing the discovery of the river he named them Cape Disappointment and Deception Bay.

Cape Disappointment state park gave us not one, but TWO, more lighthouses! Bringing our total to nineteen. Life Is Good!

North Head Lighthouse
Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

We’re back at camp with camper loaded onto the truck and the rains have arrived.

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