Werz Family Tree Trimming!

Cousin Larry arrived to trim the tree! We enjoyed a massive breakfast and many bloody Marys, then champagne and chili! We were done in record time and as it was a Thursday there was no football , so we watched The Muppet’s Christmas Carol! Practically perfect in every way!

I am absolutely ridiculously proud of myself regarding the third head I found for Cerberus! Chris has had the two headed dragon begging me to find its third head for close to two years… Ha! Mission Accomplished! Chris laughed so hard I thought he’ld cry!

We drove down to Cousin Larrys the next morning to unload & stack the firewood we processed for him. Bonfire delights in his firepit with cocktails when we noticed his very sad garden gnomes- basically bleached white… All color faded & chipped away… I was on a mission! Took one home and viola!!!

Now sitting home by the tulikivi enjoying the warmth of our efforts! Gonna be low 20’s tonight but we’ll be cozy as the soapstone is smoking hot!

Life Is Good!

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