Tree Trimming via Zoom!

Saturday after Thanksgiving is the Traditional Werz Family tree trimming time. Cousin Larry has been my tree trimming buddy since 1989 (the year daddy died). Thirty one years so far! This photo was last year as this year we decorated together via zoom.

We start the morning with bloody Marys! I upped our game there by shipping Cousin Larry his Santa hat, penguin glass, Christmas cocktail napkins, peperroni straws and dill gerkin/olive skewered stirrers!

With Charlie & Larry joining in from their homes we reminisced previous holly days and chatted about favorite ornaments & their histories! Tavish & his baby sister Carys even joined in for a few minutes!

When the final ornament was hung, the traditional Korbel Brut champagne toast was given! We all sat down to steaming bowls of chili while watching football!

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