Memories & Photographs

The wildfires that have devastated the west have struck our beloved Rocky Mountain National Park. This makes my heart hurt, so many amazing memories from our visits there! A place of immense beauty. When we were last there we saw the scars left by a wildfire over a decade before.

The East Troublesome fire is much bigger than that one. Here’s hoping the weather works in the parks favor, bringing snow to suffocate the flames.

From largest mammals -Moose! To the tiniest wildflowers.

Rocky Mountain National Park is an amazing place!

Closer to home I’ve been paring down my “stuff” during the pandemic. I’ve taken five loads to the local thrift store. I kind of like this editing! Among the changes – we now eat every meal off of our china! Life is a Special Event after all! Oh, and I have begun using the beautiful afghan crocheted by my great grandmother, Mama Grace, for my mom!

Sleeping under it is amazing. The heaviness and warmth wrap me up in a deep hug!

Mama Grace (above) & mom (below)!

Mom received the afghan just a week before Mama Grace died.

I spent almost a year in Maui for work (after the launch of Naval Research Labs satellite LACE). I loved it! And I fell in love with the work of Christian Reise Lassan. My son Josh bought these for me. Other art which no longer made my heart sing was donated to the thrift store as part of the purge. These two came out of the trunk and make me smile every time I see them! Life Is Good!

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