Revalations Winery!

A night of camping at a lovely winery! Getting there was an *adventure* tho… Huge wreck closed 29N so we found an alternate road. Started as a pleasant cruise thru the county, then became very twisty windy before deteriorating into a single lane dirt road (!).

(ok – this photo is a slight exageration!)

29N had cleared by the time we got to Plank road so we turned towards 29, only to remember the railroad trestle that crosses Plank only has 11′ clearance. Not wanting to turn the camper into a convertable we flipped around.

When we arrived at Revalation we were ready for some serious relaxation!

Fortunately this winery is a perfect spot for that.

At their lovely log cabin tasting room we purchased a bottle of wine (contact free) and settled down to nibble on the snacks I had prepared. We enjoyed cheese, pepperoni, home cured bacon & homemade crackers with our wine!

The rockers on the cabins porch were extremely comfy! Oh, my former hat hook in the camper has found a new use during 2020’s Covid19 pandemic: facemask hanger.

And yes, this mask is covered with black sheep. 😎

We woke to sunrise coloring the distant mountains red!

Lovely mini-vakay left us both refreshed!

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