Riding the Coronacoaster

August is almost halfway done. 2020 cannot end soon enough! The Coronacoaster is truly a “thing”…

I do not understand people in America. Trump supporters are convinced Covid19 is a hoax, a mild flu, and have decided wearing facemasks is an assault on their freedom.

We’re Number 1! 😢 sigh. America has pretty much lost the covid war.

Former Presidential contender and huge supporter of Trump, Herman Cain was proudly sitting in a Trump rally at Tulsa June 20th without a mask.

He died of Covid19 at the end of July.

However Christopher and I have been living the lockdown life! We walk almost 25 miles every week. Our daily walk is about 85minutes, covers over 4 miles and approximately 40 flights of stairs! Yes we live in the mountains!

I would like to tell all the anti-maskers to “far cough”! In Covidiot news of the week: Trump loving motorcyclists rode into Sturgis South Dakota to have their annual party, sans masks or social distancing.

But ya have to laugh, if only so you don’t cry…

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