Stay At Home

The Greatest Generation was sent to war. We are asked to stay home. Some feel that is too hard. It’s government overreach; the virus is a hoax to hurt Trump; it’s just a flu. They whinge “I want to get my hair cut” and protest about “Freedom”. FreeDumb indeed.

While health care workers who risk their lives every day plead with people to please stay home.

A great experiment is about to be waged as Georgia opens gyms, tattoo shops, massage parlors, bowling alleys, & beauty shops on Friday followed by movie theaters and restaurants on Monday.

While nurses are protesting outside the White House demanding personal protective equipment so they can do their jobs safely! How do people maintain 6 feet of Social Distancing in a beauty shop or massage parlor? They literally can not.

The cases of Covid19 continue to rise, the deaths in America went from 28,000 to over 47,000 in the past week. But go ahead and “own the libs” magats.

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