Social Distancing…

With coronavirus spreading the name of the game is “Flatten The Curve”.

Fortunately we have food and supplies enough to last our expected “time out” of two to four weeks. I learned from mom to keep a well stocked pantry at all times!

Instead of the gym Chris & I have been taking hour long walks on our dirt road. Much better scenery!

According to my Fitbit the stroll is 37 flights of stairs over four and a half miles! Plus a nice healthy dose of Vitamin N!

Enjoying the beauty of spring at our rich little spot of earth! The cheerful yellow & gold forsythia, pink & white cherry blossoms, purple crocus and the reddish haze about the maples! The early morning chorus of birdsong, the deer bounding through the forest when I step out onto the deck. Life is good! Stay safe!

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