Dear friends Debbie & Leo joined us exploring SeaQuest in Lynchburg, Va. A very cool place!

Okay, this SO not my fault! They were laughing so hard they blurred the photo! The wall behind is in clear focus, isn’t it? 🙂

I adore swimming turtles of all types & once on the Ponce Inlet jetty I actually witnessed a beautiful sea turtle swimming in the wild! So, this was a great start to the day!

Then we met Stormin’ Norman, the tortoise with free reign of the place!

My friend Debbie is an ardent cat lover, so spending time with these beauties lit her up like a firecracker!

The ancient creature below, a horseshoe crab, always floods back memories of childhood on Parris Island, SC! My brother and I followed the tracks in the sand to find horseshoe crabs as tiny as my little fingernail to behemoths over a foot across! Happy memories!

And oh my, looks like we have a new lizard in our home!

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