Rocket Scientist Rock Star!

Barry and I worked together on several satellites, he in his button down shirts and bow ties, me *much* more caually attired! Who knew my actual Rocket Scientist buddy was also an award winning Rockin’ Scientist! Check out his website Boys’n’Barry

Also here’s a link to one of his songs Lovers Hands

He also wrote a song for the Washington Nationals, which was covered by the Washington Post here! Rock on, my friend, rock on!


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Marianne. BTW: Friday Feb 28 is the day I retire from NASA. Goals: Spend lots more time with She Who Must Be Obeyed, (2) work hard at becoming a MUCH BETTER songwriter, and (3) work on some number theory and stellar kinematics. Lots of astronomical data from Gaia out there. I’ve turned down several offers to consult. Best, and thanks again. B. PS: The Crow’s Nest is gone. The building is still there, but the AOC sign is gone. I pass it twice a day on the metro going to work.


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