Holly Days Memories!

Cousin Larry, Chris & I trimmed the tree this morning, with the traditional bloody Mary’s and champagne toast! Thought I would point out a few special ornaments.

This little eggshell is the original special ornament, Daddy gave it to Mom before Charlie and I were born!

This little one eyed Santa is a dear favorite of mine, it was on daddy’s tree as a child.

This huge heavy silver eggshaped ornament came over from Germany with my dad’s father in the 1870’s! It’s the oldest ornament on our tree.

The paper cap on this ornament marks it as a WWII ornament from mom’s tree before she and dad married. Underneath is Josh’s Babys First Christmas bell from 1982!

One of the styrofoam ornaments we shipped to daddy when he was in Vietnam.

The little felt bear from my friend Debbie in 1982!

Ornaments Josh made as a little boy!

Some made by my brother Charlie!

Champagne Toast to The Tree!

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