Paying it Back!

I have been fortunate in my life. My beloved Mumsy always said we need to give back, and in her honor I am attempting to do just that! I have been volunteering for a couple years at a local charity thrift store, The Green Olive Tree in Crozet. But I felt called to do more and took training with the Hospice of the Piedmont, and with the JABA Ombudsman program. So I am now volunteering at the Hospice House in Charlottesville and as an ombudsman(patient advocate) at a local assisted living and rehab facility. It feels good to help people!  I find I get a lot of pleasure at Hospice House! It is simply lovely to sit and listen to our elders as they tell me their stories. I also feel sure Mumsy & Daddy are smiling, which makes me happy!

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