Wild Wyoming

Passed a thundering herd of horses leaving a trail of dust in their wake! Looked it up. Ah, the interwebs! “The wild horses of Sweetwater County are proof that the American spirit still thrives here. These majestic and free horses wander through the beautiful high desert of Sweetwater County seeking food, water, shelter and room to roam.”Came upon another big head – Lincoln.Tree in the Rock“There aren’t a lot of trees in southeastern Wyoming, and there were probably even less when the Union Pacific laid its tracks there in 1867. So when the railroad men saw a plucky little Limber Pine that seemed to be growing out of a granite boulder, they actually jogged the railroad sideways to preserve it.”Looked it up because we passed a tree in the median of I80 with a large sign- fun! It is possible that we are far too easily amused…!Nebraska! Stopping in a Gothenburg, Nebraska city park just past the first Pony Express building! And we added another state to our map!

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