Little Moments, Life Is Good!

Walking on Castle Rock road, an old favorite from the early days of the pandemic. Lovely narrow dirt lane, but sadly it became too popular with the local bike club so we abandoned it in favor of Ennis Mountain. It was nice to stroll it again last week!

We met our friend Chris for drinks on the porch of a new winery Sunday. Gorgeous views, good beer, and over priced snacks but a good time was had by all! Chris has invited us over on Thursday night to see Saturn 🪐 Apparently rings & all are visible with his telescope!

Speaking of places to walk – Margaret Haupt has offered to let us use the trails in her over 100 acre property! Yesterday she gave us a tour. Very special place, open meadows, waterfalls, river walk, ponds and forests!

Waterfall on the Meechum river

I look foward to many nice walks exploring her trails! We got home to find the teeny tiny T Rex’s dayglo orange attire had arrived. Can’t be too cautious during hunting season – especially with a flowing white flag like his tail!

A dear boy, but not a DEER!

Just got back from an amazing stargazing evening! We saw Saturns rings & moon! Jupiter & 3 moons! An incredible double star – one golden & the other blue! Pizza, beer, and great conversations made it a perfect night in all respects!

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