New & Exciting!

Had I neglected to mention Christophers new toy? We went kayaking with friends & one had a pedal kayak instead of a paddle kayak. It was lust at first sight! Especially since our inflatable tandem kayak doesn’t really fit him well. So – meet the new Hobie, a pedal powered dreamboat!

We took both kayaks out for a spin on Saturday. Me by my lonesome in the tandem inflatable and he in his glorious new “papaya” pedal kayak!

He sped across Beaver lake with ease, while I struggled mightily… Turns out we installed my seat backwards so I was fighting my trio of rudders AND we managed to put together a paddle with two left oars… LOL! I mostly went in circles until I started rowing backwards!

Happy Orange Kayak & Sad Inflatable!

Sunday was Juliette & Michaels baby reveal party! Yes, you read that right – Chris & I are going to be great grandparents in March!!! And the revelation? ‘Team Girl’ was victorious!

And Jack will become an Uncle!!! How cool is that?

I decided a little more updating around the house was needed. The guest bathroom has been the same dull yellow since we bought our home nearly 20 years ago. Clearly well past time for a change! So today I broke out the paint.

And after!

I am quite pleased with the results! Looks bright & cheerful now, and really makes the cherry wood trim “pop”! I’ve picked out the color for the great room as well. A lovely soft moss green! Now to hire a painter because – cathedral ceiling & stairs…

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