Farewell Great Lakes!

It has been lovely! We scored 23 lighthouses, bringing our total to 42 – the meaning of life, the universe & everything! How utterly perfect is THAT?!?

On July 18th we said farewell to Wisconsin, heading north & east back around Lake Michigan. Our first lighthouse of the day was purely luck, spotted as we searched out coffee for Chris! The Wawatam Lighthouse in downtown St Ignace.


With such serendipity we knew the day was going to be great! We then caught the Petoskey Lighthouse. It’s a truly humble little light, very basic.

Charlevoix, however, is a true gem!


Next up was a real beauty! The Mission Point Lighthouse in Traverse City.

Mission Point

Traverse City is also where we stopped to visit with Merry & Til’s brother Ed. He is a dear with a serious gift of gab. Thank gawd he never visited Ireland & kissed the Blarney stone, that’s all I have to say!

Now it was time for one of the ulimate jewels of Lake Michigan – Point Betsie!

Point Betsie

She is situated in the little town of Frankfort, a village of lovingly maintained Victorian “painted ladies” with glorious cottage gardens.

Frankfort is also home to a second light – the Frankfort North Breakwater Light!

We camped at the Orchard Beach State park for our final night before heading home. In the morning we scored our final two lights. First the Manistee North Pierhead Light.

And then the glorious Big Sable Point Lighthouse – which required a 1.8 mile hike each way. The Rex-asaurus decided after almost a mile that he was done & laid down in the shade, so Chris and he meandered back to the truck while I power walked onwards! The dunes towered over the trail, milkweed perfuming the air. Delightful!

Big Sable Point

Now we’re camping in Sandusky, tomorrow afternoon we’ll arrive home. Life is good!

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