Boot Scootin’ Boogie!

Grab your Partner by Alex Carrier

The Greene Cloverleafs got a great new article posted about Square Dancing in the Greene County Record! Here’s a snippet, click the link above for the full deal!

“Good health measures include exercise, positive mental stimulation and socialization. What better way to check these boxes for good health than to get square … square dancing that is? The Greene Cloverleafs Square Dance Club is starting the year on Sept. 10 with an open house and an invitation to the public to come meet them and try out a step or two. Join them in the cafeteria of Nathanael Greene Primary School, 64 Monroe Drive in Stanardsville from 7-9 p.m. as you catch-up on your square-dancing skills. It will also allow newcomers to discover how much fun a do-se-do can be and how easy the steps are to learn and enjoy.

Square dancing can be a great family activity and make Monday nights an exhilarating way to start the week. Besides the health benefits of this activity, square dancing can take you around the country and even the world to join in the dance with other clubs. There are many local opportunities for any day of the week. Clubs exist on either side of the mountain and throughout this state and others. Clubs regularly plan special dances and there has even been a dance cruise.

“It is a whole new opportunity a whole new world opens up to you,” says Sam Freeman of the Cloverleafs. “What people don’t know are the intricate dances. Most people think do-se-do and promenade but the number of types of dances other than those. There are a lot of crazy worlds—grand square, grand spin—we have fun doing the basics and learning new steps and calls.”

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